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Revision 58549

[Trunk | Connect]: Connect redesing
1. app.component.ts: <subscribe> and <invite> components added (floating buttons on the right side of each page for communities).
2. community.component.html:
3. community.component.ts:
a. 'projectsCalculated' and 'contentProvidersCalculated' fields added, to calculate tootlip after both requests complete
b. added methods for building tootips
c. 'activeTab' set to 'summary'.
4. affiliations.component.html: minor phrasing changes (e.g. title).
5. curators.component.html: shortview changed.
6. results.component.ts: Title changed | 'View all' moved to the bottom.
7. customization.component.ts: Changed '--portal-main-color' from '#4C9CD5' to '#4687E6' | Changed '--portal-dark-color' from '#24857F' to '#2D72D6'.
8. invite.component.html: shortview changed.
9. invite.component.ts: 'properties' field as input (get it is called from app.component).
10. invite.module.ts & inviteBasic.module.ts: InviteBasicModule created to declare InviteComponent without routing and login guard | InviteModule imports InviteBasicModule and adds routing and login guar$
11. subscribe.component.ts: Changes for subscribe button and members | 'properties' field as input (get it is called from app.component).
12. connect-custom.css: css for subscribe and invite buttons and for tooltip with 'community-page-tooltip' class.
13. customization.css: class 'communityBackground' added and css for 'subtitle' class inside 'communityBackground'.

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