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Revision 58616

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1. community.component.ts: Add fields 'public thresholdDescription: number = 550;' and 'subscribers: number = 0;' and method 'public countSubscribersEvent($event)'.
2. community.component.html:
a. Move curatos, projects & content providers, zenodo communities inside tab 'Summary'.
b. In tab names add class 'tab-header' and remove 'uk-text-bold'.
c. Cut description according to 'thresholdDescription'.
3. curators.component.html: Add 'uk-inline-block' class in <a>, in order not to break name and surname of a curator into 2 lines.
4. results.component.ts: Add 'view all' link on top right corner too and change class of link to 'uk-button uk-button-text'.
5. subscribe.component.ts: Add output event when getting subscribers number (used by community.component to add margin in needed).

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