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Revision 60977

[new-UI | Admin]:
1. remove-projects.component.html: [Bug fix] When there is no openaireId or no (grantId and funder), show name of project without a link.
2. remove-content-providers.component.ts & remove-projects.component.ts: [Bug fix] In method for filtering by keyword, match all fields with search text.
3. add-content-providers.component.ts & add-projects.component.ts:
a. getCommunityProjectId() --> getCommunityProject() and getCommunityContentProviderId() --> getCommunityContentProvider().
b. [Bug fix] call getCommunityProject() and getCommunityContentProvider() in remove method, to find index and splice deleted project/ content provider.
4. add-content-providers.component.html & add-projects.component.html: Call updated getCommunityProject() and getCommunityContentProvider().

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