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51032 05/03/2018 12:07 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki

A first for statistics collection and methods

50973 28/02/2018 01:54 PM Konstantina Galouni

1. DivId is related with >=1 Pages (not just 1).
2. Version changed to 1.0.0 (not backward compatible).
3. DivId creation added in mongo initializing script - version information added.

50841 21/02/2018 10:57 AM Konstantina Galouni

1. Added script to initialize mongo database with name "openaire_admin" - if database already exists nothing happens ('drop' variable set to false)

50840 21/02/2018 10:55 AM Konstantina Galouni

1. API to find divhelpcontents by div
2. API to find div by name

50613 06/02/2018 03:41 PM Konstantina Galouni

Added missing files from previous commit about DivId and DivHelpContent

50612 06/02/2018 03:40 PM Konstantina Galouni

1. Added DivId class and API : special classes to be used by explore portal pages which have steps
2. Added DivHelpContent class and API
3. Added parameter 'div' (true/false) in '/community' to get communities related to some divIds
4. Added parameter 'div' (true/false) in '/community/{pid}/pages' to get pages of a community, which are related to some divIds...

50476 30/01/2018 12:09 AM Konstantina Galouni

1. Change Community methods - use pid (community) to query (GET requests)
2. community/{pid}/page/toggle & community/{pid}/entity/toggle - use pid to identify community
3. New (/pagehelpcontent/save) and Update (/pagehelpcontent/update) APIs for helpcontents separated...

50384 24/01/2018 04:21 PM Konstantina Galouni

'pid' field added in entities and communities for queries by portal | page help contents ordered by placement and order when returned | api to get page help contents by community name or community id (again ordered): '/pagehelpcontent?community=' or '/pagehelpcontent?communityId=' | api to get specific page of community: '/community/{id}/pages?page_route='

50249 08/01/2018 10:36 AM Konstantina Galouni

new Community has enabled all pages and entities | Toggle multiple community pages/entities at once

50222 22/12/2017 05:04 PM Konstantina Galouni

Community and Entity class created | All Classes and APIs configured according to OpenAIRE (Community's APIs may change)

49863 09/11/2017 12:55 PM Tsampikos Livisianos

initial commit <3

49862 09/11/2017 12:52 PM Tsampikos Livisianos