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  manager 50324 over 6 years Stefania Martziou Various styling and design changes in the event...

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50324 16/01/2018 01:16 PM Stefania Martziou

Various styling and design changes in the events pages

50320 15/01/2018 09:19 PM Panagiotis Kanakakis

1.Add exception on get topics method.

50318 15/01/2018 07:02 PM Panagiotis Kanakakis

1. Add Term class on shared folder.
2. Implement getTopics method on brokerService.

50316 15/01/2018 06:18 PM Stefania Martziou

Redesigned the topics page to seperate th enrich/more from the enrich/missing ones in 2 columns

50314 15/01/2018 05:19 PM Stefania Martziou

Styling changes in the browse validation history page and also added Window.scroll(0,0) after every page reload

50252 08/01/2018 02:31 PM Panagiotis Kanakakis

svn merge -r 50056:HEAD

50197 21/12/2017 03:20 PM Stefania Martziou

Changed the landing page to a new one

50033 30/11/2017 02:47 PM Stefania Martziou

More changes on the listOrGrid presentation of the user's repositories

50031 30/11/2017 01:03 PM Stefania Martziou

Removed the subheaders from the listOrGrid of repositories (choose...) and changed the title of the update repositories page

50029 30/11/2017 12:13 PM Stefania Martziou

Moved the browse validation history to the proper menu and created an empty placeholder for the monitoring

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