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Revision 50476

1. Change Community methods - use pid (community) to query (GET requests)
2. community/{pid}/page/toggle & community/{pid}/entity/toggle - use pid to identify community
3. New (/pagehelpcontent/save) and Update (/pagehelpcontent/update) APIs for helpcontents separated
4. In new helpcontent, pid received as community id - restored to proper community_id according to pid
5. /community/{pid}/entities?entity= - functionality added to get specific entity of community
6. In api to get specific page of community or specific page type of community (/community/{pid}/pages?page_route= or ?page_type=), ignore page_type if page_route is set
7. API to get page help contents ordered by placement and order - functionality to request for specific community (using pid) and/or specific page (using route) and/or position:
example: /pagehelpcontent?community=123&page=/test&position=left

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