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  workflows 52303 about 5 years Alessia Bardi fixed arc target node name 10.8 KB 48139 almost 6 years Alessia Bardi integrated (hopefully) all required changes fro...
applicationContext-msro-openaireplus.xml 700 Bytes 48139 almost 6 years Alessia Bardi integrated (hopefully) all required changes fro...

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52303 31/05/2018 18:46 Alessia Bardi

fixed arc target node name

52294 31/05/2018 11:22 Alessia Bardi

To support incremental update of projects in the database, useful functionality of IncrementalTransformationJobNode has been extracted to a superclass. Wf template for entity registries has been updated accordingly. Wf templates for other types of ds that were already in incremental mode have been updated for the new param name inherited from the superclass.

52290 30/05/2018 15:00 Alessia Bardi

RCUK: handle cases when the /funder/name is blank

52256 29/05/2018 09:31 Claudio Atzori

openaireLayoutToRecordStylesheet.xsl moved in dnet-openaireplus-mapping-utils so that it can be shared among openaire workflows and the rest controller for direct index feeding

52038 15/05/2018 16:15 Alessia Bardi

Incremental transformation also for entity registries

52010 11/05/2018 16:27 Michele Artini

moved directIndex API in a new module

51999 10/05/2018 16:48 Alessia Bardi

Added wf parameter for dashboard visibility

51978 09/05/2018 15:06 Sandro La Bruzzo

merged incremental transformation to trunk

51914 03/05/2018 14:01 Alessia Bardi

3577#note-2: added also for aggregator::softwarerepository (e.g. SoftwareHeritage)

51906 03/05/2018 10:30 Alessia Bardi

3577#note-2: correct classnames for Software and ORP repositories

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