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  dnet-hadoop 51263 over 5 years Claudio Atzori first version paving the road for the project s...
  modules 52624 over 5 years Miriam Baglioni [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag dnet-colle...
  webapps 52585 over 5 years Claudio Atzori depending on dnet-openaireplus-mapping-utils:6....

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52624 29/06/2018 04:36 PM Miriam Baglioni

[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag dnet-collector-plugins-1.3.13

52623 29/06/2018 04:35 PM Miriam Baglioni

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release dnet-collector-plugins-1.3.13

52620 29/06/2018 03:14 PM Konstantina Galouni in method for path 'project/claims' return claims:
either if user's email is included in 'contact_person' field of 'project' table of postgres databaase
or if user has 'Curator - Project' role.

52619 29/06/2018 03:07 PM Konstantina Galouni

1. Rename 'fetchProjectIdByToken' to 'fetchProjectIdByTokenAndEmail' and create 'public String fetchProjectIdByToken(String token)' method.
2. Rename 'generateSelectProjectIdByTokenQuery' to 'generateSelectProjectIdByTokenAndEmailQuery' -...

52618 29/06/2018 02:07 PM Miriam Baglioni


52615 29/06/2018 01:58 PM Miriam Baglioni

modified test

52614 29/06/2018 01:57 PM Miriam Baglioni

changes in the implementation of the iterator

52611 29/06/2018 12:42 PM Miriam Baglioni

little adjustment to fix data format in input data

52598 28/06/2018 02:05 PM Myrto Koukouli

fixed help service and other minor changes

52597 27/06/2018 04:16 PM Claudio Atzori

depending on specific dnet-openaire-mapping-utils:6.2.5-SNAPSHOT to avoid solr7 branches to get in the classpath

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