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  openaireplus 52633 almost 4 years Alessia Bardi Removed old XSLT for doaj article titles: the r...

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52633 02/07/2018 11:39 Alessia Bardi

Removed old XSLT for doaj article titles: the relative TDS rule must be used instead.

52632 02/07/2018 11:39 Alessia Bardi

Mapping for journaltitles and irdb are now TDS rules and not anymore xslt in the classpath

52628 29/06/2018 17:21 Alessia Bardi

Incremental transformation for Datacite OAI sets

52627 29/06/2018 17:20 Alessia Bardi

Deleted old xslt: now that we have incremental transformation we have to use TDS rules

52444 12/06/2018 11:00 Claudio Atzori

queryProjectOrganization.sql reads from dsm_organizations

52443 12/06/2018 10:59 Claudio Atzori

we don't need anymore prepareQueryDatasources.sql

52345 04/06/2018 17:24 Alessia Bardi

fixed wf template

52340 04/06/2018 16:57 Miriam Baglioni

context for miur funder

52338 04/06/2018 16:20 Alessia Bardi

take lastupdate in consideration for orgs and projects

52336 04/06/2018 16:03 Alessia Bardi

Funder wfs now use xslt as TDS rule for transformations

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