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  main 53015 about 5 years Alessia Bardi Override the value of storingType so that its v...
  test 52977 about 5 years Alessia Bardi Import order

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53015 03/09/2018 04:36 PM Alessia Bardi

Override the value of storingType so that its value is consistent with the operationType param, when available.

52977 22/08/2018 04:57 PM Alessia Bardi

Import order

52976 22/08/2018 04:56 PM Alessia Bardi

Changed test record and configuration to test | in xpath of index configuration

52351 04/06/2018 06:00 PM Alessia Bardi

use new env param name for incremental transformation

52040 15/05/2018 05:34 PM Alessia Bardi

On Claudio's request Sandro's variable has been extracted

52037 15/05/2018 04:15 PM Alessia Bardi

spaces for human readability

50835 21/02/2018 10:35 AM Michele Artini

fixed a bug updating ObjectStore Info

50598 06/02/2018 10:24 AM Sandro La Bruzzo

-Incremental transformation: Implemented incremental transformation and changed the nodes Fetch and Store MDRecords to read in the env the property of incremental read and store if there is, otherwise they work as usual

50573 02/02/2018 03:00 PM Claudio Atzori

avoid NPEs

50488 30/01/2018 11:25 AM Michele Artini

merged branch dsm into trunk

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