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  dnet-hadoop 51263 over 6 years Claudio Atzori first version paving the road for the project s...
  modules 53203 almost 6 years Konstantina Galouni springContext-claimsDemo.xml: targetHour and ta...
  webapps 53145 almost 6 years Alessia Bardi Exclude new mdstoreUI: Let's use the old one un...

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53203 20/09/2018 04:35 PM Konstantina Galouni

springContext-claimsDemo.xml: targetHour and targetMinute beans restored (were changed for testing purposes).

53202 20/09/2018 04:32 PM Konstantina Galouni

1. add method fetchNumberOfClaimsByDateAndOpenaireId.
2. request datasource API to get community information (including managers).
3. Method fetchFirstContextByCommunityId to parse name of community to be used in the above API....

53201 20/09/2018 04:22 PM Konstantina Galouni

Add database sql script to remove 'token' and 'notify' from project table and create notification table.

53200 20/09/2018 04:19 PM Konstantina Galouni

1. Add entity 'Notification': pairs of mail-openaireId, with the preferences for notifications of this user for this id.
2. Add FetchNotificationHandler and NotificationHandler for 'Notification' entity.
3. springContext-claimsDemo.xml: Add beans for FetchNotificationHandler, NotificationHandler, defaultFrequencyInHours....

53199 20/09/2018 03:29 PM Konstantina Galouni

1. Remove 'token' field from 'Project' entity.
2.,, Remove methods related to 'token' field.
3. Add 'fetchProjectIdsAndNamesByProjectManagerMail' method | Change 'fetchContactEmailsByProjectId' method (mails are returned as List from DAO).

53197 20/09/2018 03:18 PM Konstantina Galouni
close ResultSet and Statement in finally clause
return CachedRowSet instead of ResultSet when needed (avoids problems with closed connection, nothing else changes because CachedRowSet extends ResultSet)

53196 20/09/2018 02:41 PM Myrto Koukouli

fixed openaire link in topmenu

53195 20/09/2018 12:45 PM Claudio Atzori

added field organizationalternativenames

53194 20/09/2018 12:33 PM Claudio Atzori

added URL clustering

53193 20/09/2018 10:50 AM Claudio Atzori

added URL clustering

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