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{"publisher": "De Gruyter", "doi": "10.1515/iupac.79.1752", "license": [], "title": ["Parasympatholytic"], "issued": "2016-1-14", "abstract": [], "issn": [], "doi-url": "", "instances": [{"url": "", "provenance": "CrossRef", "access-rights": "UNKNOWN"}, {"url": "", "provenance": "CrossRef", "access-rights": "UNKNOWN"}], "published-print": null, "authors": [{"affiliations": null, "given": "John H.", "identifiers": null, "fullname": "John H. Duffus", "family": "Duffus"}, {"affiliations": null, "given": "Monica", "identifiers": null, "fullname": "Monica Nordberg", "family": "Nordberg"}, {"affiliations": null, "given": "Douglas M.", "identifiers": null, "fullname": "Douglas M. Templeton", "family": "Templeton"}], "collectedFrom": ["CrossRef"], "accepted": null, "type": "dataset", "published-online": null, "subject": []}
{"publisher": "Informa UK Limited", "doi": "10.3109/01443615.2016.1162772", "license": [], "title": ["Relationship between maternal c-reactive protein level and neonatal outcome in patients with preterm premature rupture of membranes treated with Ampicillin and Azithromycin"], "issued": "2016-8-17", "abstract": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "This historical cohort study aimed to assess the relationship between antenatal maternal C-reactive protein (CRP) level and neonatal outcome preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM). We reviewed the records of 70 singleton pregnancies with PPROM between 24 and 34 weeks. Maternal CRP levels of neonates with respiratory distress syndrome, neonatal sepsis, grade 3–4 intraventricular haemorrhage and stage 2–3 necrotizing enterocolitis, perinatal mortality were compared with those without these complications. Administration of corticosteroid, tocolysis for two days and prophylactic antibiotics (intravenous ampicillin/sulbactam, and oral azithromycin) were the standard management protocol. The mean age at PPROM was 29 weeks 2 days (±3 weeks), the mean age at birth was 30 weeks 5 days (±20 days). CRP levels were not different between groups. Uni/multivariate analysis showed that maternal CRP levels were not related with neonatal outcomes. Neonatal complications in PPROM are related with the degree of prema..."}], "issn": [{"type": "print", "value": "0144-3615"}, {"type": "electronic", "value": "1364-6893"}], "doi-url": "", "instances": [{"url": "", "provenance": "CrossRef", "access-rights": "UNKNOWN"}, {"url": "", "provenance": "MAG", "access-rights": "UNKNOWN"}], "authors": [{"affiliations": [{"official-page": "", "provenance": "MAG", "value": "Erciyes University", "identifiers": [{"value": "", "schema": "wikpedia"}, {"value": "grid.411739.9", "schema": ""}, {"value": "", "schema": "URL"}]}], "given": "Mehmet", "identifiers": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "", "schema": "URL"}], "fullname": "Mehmet Serdar Kutuk", "family": "Serdar Kutuk"}, {"affiliations": [{"official-page": "", "provenance": "MAG", "value": "Erciyes University", "identifiers": [{"value": "", "schema": "wikpedia"}, {"value": "grid.411739.9", "schema": ""}, {"value": "", "schema": "URL"}]}], "given": "Osman", "identifiers": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "", "schema": "URL"}], "fullname": "Osman Bastug", "family": "Bastug"}, {"affiliations": [{"official-page": "", "provenance": "MAG", "value": "Erciyes University", "identifiers": [{"value": "", "schema": "wikpedia"}, {"value": "grid.411739.9", "schema": ""}, {"value": "", "schema": "URL"}]}], "given": "Ahmet", "identifiers": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "", "schema": "URL"}], "fullname": "Ahmet Ozdemir", "family": "Ozdemir"}, {"affiliations": [{"official-page": "", "provenance": "MAG", "value": "Erciyes University", "identifiers": [{"value": "", "schema": "wikpedia"}, {"value": "grid.411739.9", "schema": ""}, {"value": "", "schema": "URL"}]}], "given": "Mehmet", "identifiers": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "", "schema": "URL"}], "fullname": "Mehmet Adnan Ozturk", "family": "Adnan Ozturk"}, {"affiliations": [{"official-page": "", "provenance": "MAG", "value": "Erciyes University", "identifiers": [{"value": "", "schema": "wikpedia"}, {"value": "grid.411739.9", "schema": ""}, {"value": "", "schema": "URL"}]}], "given": "Mahmut", "identifiers": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "", "schema": "URL"}], "fullname": "Mahmut Tuncay Ozgun", "family": "Tuncay Ozgun"}, {"affiliations": [{"official-page": "", "provenance": "MAG", "value": "Erciyes University", "identifiers": [{"value": "", "schema": "wikpedia"}, {"value": "grid.411739.9", "schema": ""}, {"value": "", "schema": "URL"}]}], "given": "Mustafa", "identifiers": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "", "schema": "URL"}], "fullname": "Mustafa Basbug", "family": "Basbug"}, {"affiliations": [{"official-page": "", "provenance": "MAG", "value": "Erciyes University", "identifiers": [{"value": "", "schema": "wikpedia"}, {"value": "grid.411739.9", "schema": ""}, {"value": "", "schema": "URL"}]}], "given": "Tamer", "identifiers": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "", "schema": "URL"}], "fullname": "Tamer Gunes", "family": "Gunes"}, {"affiliations": [{"official-page": "", "provenance": "MAG", "value": "Erciyes University", "identifiers": [{"value": "", "schema": "wikpedia"}, {"value": "grid.411739.9", "schema": ""}, {"value": "", "schema": "URL"}]}], "given": "Selim", "identifiers": [{"provenance": "MAG", "value": "", "schema": "URL"}], "fullname": "Selim Kurtoglu", "family": "Kurtoglu"}], "published-print": "2016-8-17", "collectedFrom": ["CrossRef", "MAG"], "accepted": null, "type": "journal-article", "published-online": "2016-11-9", "subject": ["Obstetrics and Gynaecology"]}

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