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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  datasets 50662 over 6 years Alessia Bardi using commons-lang3
  datasources 53071 almost 6 years Miriam Baglioni add fix related to #3849 (control characters in...
  excel 52644 about 6 years Miriam Baglioni remove "\n" from all the cell contents
  httpfilename 53654 over 5 years Miriam Baglioni fixed issue
  opentrial 48028 about 7 years Claudio Atzori integrated latest changes from dnet40
  projects 52783 almost 6 years Miriam Baglioni use HttpConnector to download XML instead of VT...
  rest 53183 almost 6 years Andreas Czerniak enhancement of new resumptionType, Issue Enhanc...
  schemaorg 53664 over 5 years Giorgos Papanikos Updatged string identifier type reference to us...

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# Date Author Comment
53664 08/11/2018 11:29 AM Giorgos Papanikos

Updatged string identifier type reference to use enum

53663 08/11/2018 11:21 AM Claudio Atzori

added main classes to verify the content collected from Kaggle and Reactome

53660 08/11/2018 10:41 AM Giorgos Papanikos
53654 07/11/2018 06:29 PM Miriam Baglioni

fixed issue

53653 07/11/2018 06:25 PM Miriam Baglioni
53652 07/11/2018 06:15 PM Miriam Baglioni

fixed issue for stopping iteration execution

53641 06/11/2018 06:49 PM Giorgos Papanikos

Added default empty dataset document serialization for endpoints where no dataset can be retrieved

53616 04/11/2018 03:23 PM Giorgos Papanikos

Corrected Creation Date format

53615 04/11/2018 02:33 PM Giorgos Papanikos

deleted dead code. shouldn't have been commited in the first place

53614 04/11/2018 02:23 PM Giorgos Papanikos

Added harvesting plugin. Supports sitemapindex files and api listing calls to retrieve endpoints list

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