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  TransformationRuleDSResourceType 54301 over 5 years Alessia Bardi Copied RCUK transformation from BETA

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54301 11/12/2018 03:01 PM Alessia Bardi

Copied RCUK transformation from BETA

54300 11/12/2018 02:39 PM Alessia Bardi

Table organizations does not exist anymore: using dsm_organizations

54082 03/12/2018 03:39 PM Alessia Bardi

Sorry for the previous commit: error was on a non-closed comment, not the varDataSourceId

54081 03/12/2018 03:36 PM Alessia Bardi

varDatasourceId: re-added $

54080 03/12/2018 03:35 PM Alessia Bardi

varDatasourceId: because the transformator is case sensitive

53969 26/11/2018 03:01 PM Alessia Bardi

SNSF mapping: funding amount in optional1 and no jsonextrainfo due to a bug in the inference algorithm #2456#note-25

53946 23/11/2018 05:47 PM Miriam Baglioni

fixed quot problem in the jsonextrainfo field

53945 23/11/2018 05:46 PM Miriam Baglioni

update of transformation rule to consider info for funded amount and country of the involved organization

53944 23/11/2018 05:35 PM Miriam Baglioni

transormation for new RPF funder

53938 23/11/2018 02:05 PM Alessia Bardi

namespace prefix must be 12 chars, not 13

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