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  dnet-hadoop 51263 over 6 years Claudio Atzori first version paving the road for the project s...
  modules 54676 over 5 years Konstantina Galouni 1. emailSender/ enable propert...
  webapps 54617 over 5 years Miriam Baglioni changed the version of direct-indexing-api from...

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54676 01/02/2019 11:58 AM Konstantina Galouni

1. emailSender/ enable property 'starttls' for mail (necessary when sending mail to mailing list address).
2. controllers/ 'sendEmail()' function returns success and failure lists for all emails to be sent.
3. resources/ change 'UserInfoUrl' property from 'mpagasas' to 'scoobydoo'.

54675 01/02/2019 11:35 AM Argiro Kokogiannaki

PRIVATE : update footer links, add grant id

54664 29/01/2019 12:14 PM Alessia Bardi

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

54663 29/01/2019 12:14 PM Alessia Bardi

[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag cnr-cql-utils-2.1.2

54662 29/01/2019 12:14 PM Alessia Bardi

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release cnr-cql-utils-2.1.2

54661 29/01/2019 12:12 PM Alessia Bardi

Fixed bug in CQL translation to mongo queries when dealing with exist queries like fieldname = *

54655 25/01/2019 04:51 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki

PRIVATE : Fix menu items in changelog.html

54654 25/01/2019 04:49 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki

PRIVATE : updated changelist and add a comment in README_BEFORE_COMMITTING.txt about fixing menuitems

54653 25/01/2019 04:36 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki

Added new parameter country for research results

54652 25/01/2019 04:31 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki

PRIVATE : add selective access links in mobile menu & correct datasets in tables for software and other fields (api.html)

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