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Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  ActionManagerSetDSResources 51884 almost 5 years Alessia Bardi New action set for community tags #3158#note-86
  CleanerDSResource almost 8 years alessia.bardi
  ContextDSResources 54791 almost 4 years Alessia Bardi Setting claim=false to projects/zenodo communit...
  DedupConfigurationDSResources 52937 over 4 years Claudio Atzori added support for sub entities
  DedupOrchestrationDSResources 49438 over 5 years Claudio Atzori cleanup
  EntityGrouperConfigurationDSResources about 6 years alessia.bardi
  HadoopJobConfigurationDSResources 54922 almost 4 years Michele De Bonis implementation of the procedure to export nativ...
  MDFormatDSResources 54629 about 4 years Claudio Atzori added fields relresulttype and relclass
  OAIPublisherConfigurationDSResources about 7 years alessia.bardi
  OntologyDSResources 54154 about 4 years Claudio Atzori updated ontology profiles, use the relclass as ...
  PendingRepositoryResources almost 10 years claudio.atzori
  RepositoryServiceResources about 9 years michele.artini
  TransformationRuleDSResources 55113 almost 4 years Alessia Bardi removed datatcite namespace on authors
  VocabularyDSResources 53629 about 4 years Claudio Atzori added term for collector plugin
  WebInterfaceLayoutResources over 10 years claudio.atzori

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
55113 28/03/2019 18:33 Alessia Bardi

removed datatcite namespace on authors

55112 28/03/2019 18:31 Alessia Bardi

Let's consider authors also primary contacts, otherwise we exclude too many records.

55111 28/03/2019 18:30 Alessia Bardi

Let's also check for the elixirNode value

55110 28/03/2019 18:14 Alessia Bardi

Adding elixir-gr concepts only if the author belongs to the given list that I cannot commit

55109 28/03/2019 17:41 Alessia Bardi

TDS for biotools

55105 27/03/2019 15:00 Alessia Bardi

Deleted unused rule

55104 27/03/2019 14:55 Alessia Bardi

Fixed oaf template for access rights, collected from and hostedby

55102 27/03/2019 12:49 Alessia Bardi

Map all non-inferred subjects and pass their classid and classname.
Info about access right is in bestaccesright but for retrocompatibility we should still support the old bestlicense.
Hostedby defaults to OpenAIRE instead of the UnknownRepository.

55095 26/03/2019 17:58 Miriam Baglioni

moved transformation for oaf and dr elements out of result element

55094 26/03/2019 17:15 Alessia Bardi

TDS for DOE Code

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