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  dnetlib 57243 almost 5 years Miriam Baglioni transformation rule fro Russian Science Foundation

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57243 02/10/2019 05:35 PM Miriam Baglioni

transformation rule fro Russian Science Foundation

57242 02/10/2019 05:35 PM Miriam Baglioni

Change the namespaceprefix of the funder and the funder name and shortcut

57235 02/10/2019 02:31 PM Alessia Bardi

Addressing #2563: OA-PG context re-registered on beta

56877 07/08/2019 05:33 PM Miriam Baglioni

hadoop jobs for propagation of project result through semantic relation and for result to community thorugh semantic relation

56815 31/07/2019 11:36 AM Alessia Bardi

Updated label of Aginfra community

56724 23/07/2019 03:33 PM Sandro La Bruzzo

added profile for transform and collect in the new dnet-hadoop system

56719 23/07/2019 02:45 PM Miriam Baglioni

new HadoopJob profile for dumping proto with merged updates

56709 23/07/2019 12:41 PM Claudio Atzori

added filterIndexRecordsJob configuration profile

56585 17/07/2019 12:10 PM Claudio Atzori

added STATUS element children to match the profile schema

56365 04/07/2019 06:13 PM Alessia Bardi

#4671: versioning also for OpenDOAR repositories, when available

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