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  TransformationRuleDSResourceType 57958 about 3 years Miriam Baglioni changed transformation to insert the project ac...

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57958 07/01/2020 11:34 Miriam Baglioni

changed transformation to insert the project acronym when the project title is not present

57953 24/12/2019 15:44 Miriam Baglioni

change the ANR 2 DB transformation to consider projects without title. This projects will be removed from the collected set

57802 03/12/2019 17:24 Alessia Bardi

Fixed hostedby identifiers

57756 28/11/2019 16:45 Miriam Baglioni

update of the TR for corda, fwf, and arc

57755 28/11/2019 16:45 Miriam Baglioni

transformation rule for ANR (anr2db)

57718 27/11/2019 16:50 Alessia Bardi

Synchronised with the version currently running on beta after fixing the namespace prefix for RSF, innoviris and RIF

57641 19/11/2019 17:12 Miriam Baglioni

fixed XPath to get value for fundedamount (miss . in path)

57626 14/11/2019 20:04 Miriam Baglioni

fixed issue #4908

57562 11/11/2019 11:42 Alessia Bardi

Fixes #5090: opendoar repo without repository names

57540 07/11/2019 15:09 Miriam Baglioni

Added currency for the amount funded to each organization. Currency set to EUR by default since we have projects funded by the EU

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