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Revision 58021

[Trunk | Admin tools library Service]: Initial commit of project - Common files & methods copied from admin tools service.
1. Entities: common entities are Community, Entity, Page, DivId, PageHelpContent, DivHelpContent (+ fullEntities), email: Email, EmailRecaptcha, GoogleResponse.
2. DAOs: DAOs for common entities are CommunityDAO, EntityDAO, PageDAO, DivIdDAO, PageHelpContentDAO, DivHelpContentDAO (+MongoDBDAOs).
3. Controllers: controllers for common entities are CommunityController, EntityController, PageController, DivIdController, PageHelpContentController, DivHelpContentController
(comment references to community specific entities e.g. Statistics, Subscribers, Layout).
4. Configuration: common configuration files are GoogleConfig, MailConfig.
5. For email: emailSender/ & handlers/ & recaptcha/
6. Resources:

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