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Revision 58394

[use-UoaAdminToolsLibrary | Admin Tools Service]:
REMINDER NOTE: change war name and properties (e.g. in when merging to trunk.
1. Move MongoDBDAOs to folder /dao/MongoDBDAOs.
2. Move entities for Subscriber to folder /entities/subscriber.
3. Move entities for Curator to folder /entities/curator.
4. Add services for Layout, Statistics and Subscribers (to be called by controllers).
5. Rename "CommunitySubscribers" to "PortalSubscribers", "CommunitySubscribersController" to "PortalSubscribersController" and "CommunitySubscribersDAO" to "PortalSubscribersDAO".
6. Update all files to import appropriate files (from library or locally).
7. Create "ConnectController", "ExploreController" and update "CommunityController".
8. scanBasePackages = {"eu.dnetlib.uoaadmintools", "eu.dnetlib.uoaadmintoolslibrary"}
9. basePackages = {"eu.dnetlib.uoaadmintools.dao", "eu.dnetlib.uoaadmintoolslibrary.dao"}
10. Update update_db.js for changing db collections and entries according to new schema.

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