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Revision 58476

[Trunk | Admin Tools Service]:
1. & Uncomment and ignore if @PropertySource for not found, to let tests runs.
2. Add default constructor and constructor with email parameter.
a. Autowire SecurityConfig to let methods get UserInfo via token.
b. Add GET method "getNumberOfSubscribersPerCommunity()" (/community/{pid}/subscribers/count).
c. Add GET methos "getIsSubscribedToCommunity()" (/community/{pid}/is-subscriber): Return true/ false and gets user email via token in @RequestHeader("X-XSRF-TOKEN").
d. Method "addSubscriberInCommunity()" renamed to "addSubscriberInCommunityByEmail()" | Method "deleteSubscriberFromCommunity()" renamed to "deleteSubscriberFromCommunityByEmail()".
e. Add POST methods "addSubscriberInCommunity()" (/community/{pid}/subscriber) and "deleteSubscriberFromCommunity()" (/community/{pid}/subscriber/delete):
Return true/ false and get user email via token in @RequestHeader("X-XSRF-TOKEN").
f. Method getCommunitiesPerSubcriber(@RequestParam(value="email", required = true) String email) --> getCommunitiesPerSubcriber(@RequestHeader("X-XSRF-TOKEN") String token):
Get user email via token in @RequestHeader("X-XSRF-TOKEN").
4. update_db.js:
a. Add method "createNewPagesForConnect()": adds page "/publications" for connect (enabled).
b. Add method "createNewPagesForCommunities()": adds pages "/content" (enabled), "/projects" (disabled), "/national-bulletins" (disabled), "/subjects"(disabled) for communities.
c. Add method "removeContentPolicyPageAndAddHelpTextInCommunitiesSourcesPage()": remove old "/content" connect page and move its contents to new "/content" for every community (NOT connect & openaire).

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