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  eu 59849 almost 2 years Miriam Baglioni removede some logs and added check to fix issue...

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59849 13/11/2020 17:48 Miriam Baglioni

removede some logs and added check to fix issue with fct rest template

59848 13/11/2020 17:44 Alessia Bardi

Excluding also

59845 13/11/2020 16:45 Miriam Baglioni

changed way to express if condition

59844 13/11/2020 16:41 Miriam Baglioni

other logs

59842 13/11/2020 16:29 Miriam Baglioni

added athor log.debug to verify code is doing what expected

59841 13/11/2020 16:14 Miriam Baglioni

added logs in debug to verify the header parameter in the basic authentication

59836 13/11/2020 11:43 Miriam Baglioni

added the basic authentication strategy

59308 31/08/2020 10:55 Alessia Bardi

Do not even try to resolve if the String does not match the crossref DOI regexp

59307 31/08/2020 10:14 Alessia Bardi

This should fix the problem of stackoverflow on the recursive hasNext

59095 13/07/2020 17:34 Alessia Bardi

DOIResolver plugin now supports multiple csv files in the input folder (baseURL) and incremental

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