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  data 60500 over 1 year Michele Artini redirect to openaire md inspector with hadoop
  mongodb about 6 years alessia.bardi

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60500 25/02/2021 12:53 Michele Artini

redirect to openaire md inspector with hadoop

59427 18/09/2020 17:47 Claudio Atzori

no need to intercept the sentinel indicating the workflow was killed

59405 17/09/2020 10:07 Alessia Bardi

Trying to avoid mdstore to store transaction of cancelled feeding

56829 01/08/2019 16:39 Claudio Atzori

include also the lower and upper bounds in the queries

55359 15/04/2019 13:57 Alessia Bardi

Fixed transaction commit for _id

55334 12/04/2019 18:54 Alessia Bardi

Make a copy of the object

55330 12/04/2019 17:27 Alessia Bardi

Found bug of missing timestamp. When completing an incremental transaction, the whole record must be copied, not only the id ad body field.

55329 12/04/2019 17:15 Alessia Bardi

trying to understand why datestamp disappears on mongo

52044 15/05/2018 19:44 Claudio Atzori

long, not string!

52042 15/05/2018 19:04 Claudio Atzori

use the same (hopefully) format for field timestamp, and the same value for each record involved in a transaction

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