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Revision 60959

[Trunk | Orcid Service]:
1. [NEW] Controller added and
a. "hello()" method (@RequestMapping(value = {"", "/health_check"}, method = RequestMethod.GET)) which just prints and returns a greeting message.
b. "checkEverything()" method @RequestMapping(value = "/health_check/advanced", method = RequestMethod.GET) only accessible by PORTAL ADMINS which checks connection with db and prints properties.
2. & Added field "dashboard" (in ResultInWork class, default value is "production_explpre") and its getters and setters.
3. Added field "creationDate" and its getters and setters.
4. Call setCreationDate() method with current Date in "saveUserTokens()" method.
5. Call setDashboard() method with dashboard value from parameter of type ResultIdAndWork in "saveWork()" method.
6. update_db.js: Script with methods "setUserTokenCreationDate()" (use date of first work for this orcid) and "setDashboardInWorks()" (set all to "production_explore").

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