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  src 61023 8 months Konstantina Galouni [Trunk | Claims Service]: 1. springContext-clai...
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pom.xml 3.72 KB 57476 about 2 years Argiro Kokogiannaki Remove uoa-commons and cnr dependencies
readme.txt 1.5 KB 60062 about 1 year Konstantina Galouni [Trunk | Claims Service]: readme.txt: [NEW] rea...
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61023 19/05/2021 13:11 Konstantina Galouni

[Trunk | Claims Service]:
1. Updated "" and "" to use the new admin portal urls (Admin portal redesign).
2. Build urls by replacing "{community}" with openaire_id in "openaireCommunityClaimsPage" and "manageCommunityUserNotificationsPage" properties, (Admin portal redesign - new urls).

60663 18/03/2021 09:49 Argiro Kokogiannaki

Fix context query (to return claims linked to a community or made in community dashboard)

60661 17/03/2021 17:38 Konstantina Galouni

[Trunk | Claims Service]:
1. Added method "isCommunityManager()" to check if a user_email is among managers of a community.
2. springContext-claims.xml: Added in bean with id=emailSender, property name="managerUtils" and removed property name="communityUtils".

60560 02/03/2021 16:19 Konstantina Galouni

[Trunk | Claims Service]:
1. [NEW] File for getting community managers from registry service added.
2. Property "" added - URL of registry service for requesting community manager emails....

60411 11/02/2021 11:44 Argiro Kokogiannaki

- fix order by titles
- context query: get results made in the same dashboard
- add claimed_in_dashboard in the result
- commit changes in Test CopyFromBeta

60389 09/02/2021 17:07 Argiro Kokogiannaki

Query Generator:
context query: link with specific community or claimed in community's dashboard

60062 07/12/2020 17:04 Konstantina Galouni

[Trunk | Claims Service]: readme.txt: [NEW] readme file added, to describe how notifications for community claims are configured.

60031 04/12/2020 10:28 Konstantina Galouni

[Trunk | Claims Service]: Remove "beta" prefix from link for community dashboard when sending email notification for community claims.

59934 23/11/2020 10:32 Argiro Kokogiannaki

Updates to Migrate community claims from Beta to Production

58704 15/05/2020 13:22 Argiro Kokogiannaki

chnage methods from static, add it with autowired in EmailSender
update properties

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