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# Date Author Comment
48997 18/09/2017 03:24 PM Alessia Bardi

Added browse field for encodingtype

48987 18/09/2017 12:13 PM Alessia Bardi

Updated index configuration to have more browse fields to understand what's in the metadata we collect and define controlled vocabularies.

48826 09/08/2017 05:24 PM Alessia Bardi

Added stored fields as requested by Matej Durco

48820 09/08/2017 10:51 AM Alessia Bardi

updated profiles

48815 07/08/2017 03:32 PM Alessia Bardi

Fixed index field name

48767 26/07/2017 06:24 PM Alessia Bardi

Updated index and lightui configuration to work with the RDF_XML_PLAIN format

48327 04/07/2017 05:56 PM Alessia Bardi

Updated index configuration

47250 15/05/2017 09:36 AM Alessia Bardi

Indexing, searching and viewing the rdf type of resources

46848 14/04/2017 04:17 PM Alessia Bardi

Updated index format to have the full RDF in the index result (basically for the inspector).
The layout stylesheet needed some additional spaces

46690 04/04/2017 05:27 PM Alessia Bardi

Parthenos workflows with preview and public index collections

46402 21/03/2017 06:10 PM Alessia Bardi

We need the cleaning errors to be in the indexed record header

46389 21/03/2017 03:09 PM Alessia Bardi

first tentative for rotten checker

46368 20/03/2017 05:16 PM Alessia Bardi

a minimal working light-ui

45635 30/01/2017 07:11 PM Alessia Bardi

Fixed profiles to work with the correct MDformat: CIDOC, transformed + fixed path to default lightui resource path

45430 17/01/2017 06:12 PM Alessia Bardi

Added project structure and initial version of the IS profiles for workflows, vocabularies, etc.