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  dnetlib 47195 about 7 years Alessia Bardi New type of workflow parameter that enables mul...

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47195 11/05/2017 06:12 PM Alessia Bardi

New type of workflow parameter that enables multiple selection of values from a list obtained via a function: "list"

46865 18/04/2017 05:18 PM Alessia Bardi

Moved class in more proper package

46857 18/04/2017 04:24 PM Alessia Bardi

New jobnode to get the last start date of a workflow of the same type of the current. The old job node is still needed to get the date as formatted string

46814 13/04/2017 10:05 AM Alessia Bardi

I do not want to see dri:repositoryIdentifier anymore

46689 04/04/2017 05:26 PM Alessia Bardi

an instance of default job node for no-op

46365 20/03/2017 04:57 PM Alessia Bardi

fixed call to current-datetime()

46362 20/03/2017 04:22 PM Alessia Bardi

LayoutToRecordStylesheet xslt must be passed as property

46359 20/03/2017 02:42 PM Alessia Bardi

MDBuilder passes to record template also the datasource name to fill dri:datasourcename

46325 16/03/2017 05:31 PM Alessia Bardi

Node that validates XML record against their schema or a specific schema given its URL

46178 07/03/2017 07:20 PM Alessia Bardi

JobNode for X3m transformation and XSD verifier

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