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  eu 49013 almost 7 years Alessia Bardi Ensure we are passing the 'passFullRecord' para...

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49013 20/09/2017 11:03 AM Alessia Bardi

Ensure we are passing the 'passFullRecord' parameter to the X3M transformation job node

49000 19/09/2017 06:39 PM Alessia Bardi

Publish/unpublish on virtuoso using the API provided by the springboot app dnet-parthenos-publisher

48999 19/09/2017 06:38 PM Alessia Bardi

Updated index configuration and lightui for browsing

48997 18/09/2017 03:24 PM Alessia Bardi

Added browse field for encodingtype

48988 18/09/2017 12:29 PM Alessia Bardi

Added Period browse box

48987 18/09/2017 12:13 PM Alessia Bardi

Updated index configuration to have more browse fields to understand what's in the metadata we collect and define controlled vocabularies.

48841 11/08/2017 02:47 PM Alessia Bardi

removed useless newlines between table rows

48840 11/08/2017 02:18 PM Alessia Bardi

one resource can have several rdf:type and we must deal with it

48839 11/08/2017 01:02 PM Alessia Bardi

Highlight minimal metadata for main entities in the lightUI

48838 11/08/2017 11:00 AM Alessia Bardi

Added browse by datasourceapi

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