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  modules 50930 almost 6 years Alessia Bardi pass inner exception, otherwise we do not know ...
  webapps 50832 almost 6 years Sandro La Bruzzo added log

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50930 24/02/2018 05:19 PM Alessia Bardi

pass inner exception, otherwise we do not know why we could not initialize the mongo cursor

50929 24/02/2018 05:13 PM Alessia Bardi

Analysing and partially fixing index field configuration

50928 24/02/2018 04:04 PM Alessia Bardi

For almost every graph we used to return also "concept URLs" like ""...let's try to avoid them skipping non URL resources and resources whose type is not in the parthenos namespace.

50927 24/02/2018 04:02 PM Alessia Bardi

Comment highlighting possible mistakes in index configuration

50926 24/02/2018 03:24 PM Alessia Bardi

Using new publish wf

50924 23/02/2018 05:06 PM Alessia Bardi

Back with no inference, otherwise we are passing all triples in CIDOC-CRM, DIG and PE, which is not what we want.

50922 23/02/2018 04:57 PM Alessia Bardi

Add inferred info after getting sparql result.

50921 23/02/2018 04:46 PM Alessia Bardi

Back to simple construct

50920 23/02/2018 04:43 PM Alessia Bardi

using lambdas

50919 23/02/2018 04:36 PM Alessia Bardi


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