An instance is one specific materialization or version of the result. For example, you can have one result with three instances as result of deduplication:

  • one is the pre-print
  • one is the post-print
  • one is the published version

Each instance is characterized by the properties described in the following table.

field name cardinality type description
accessright ONE AccessRight Maps dc:rights, describes the access rights of the web resources relative to this instance.
alternateIdentifier MANY AlternateIdentifier All the identifiers associated to the result other than the authoritative ones
articleprocessingcharge ONE APC The money spent to make this book or article available in Open Access. Source for this information is the OpenAPC initiative.
license ONE string License URL
pid MANY ResultPid The set of persistent identifiers associated to this instance that have been collected from an authority for the pid type (i.e. Crossref/Datacite for doi). See OpenAIRE_entity_identifier_and_PID_mapping_policy for more information.
publicationdate ONE string Date of the research product
refereed ONE string describes if this instance has been peer-reviewed or not. Allowed values are peerReviewed, nonPeerReviewed, UNKNOWN (as defined in with synonoums of peer_review:: ). please see below section refereed
type ONE string The specific sub-type of this instance (see following the links)
url MANY string URLs to the instance. They may link to the actual full-text or to the landing page at the hosting source.

Example data :



base on guidelines covers the vocabularies


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