It is for the country associated to the result. It is a subclass of Country and extends it with provenance information

field name cardinality type description
provenance ONE Provenance Indicates the reason why this country is associated to this result

Example data:

    "code" : "IT",
    "label": "Italy" 

    "code" : "IT",
    "label": "Italy",
    "provenance" : {
         "provenance":"inferred by OpenAIRE",

How is the field populated

The field is populated based on the country of the organisation that manages the data source that hosts or provide metadata for the result (i.e. based on the data source of the result.instance[].hostedby and result.instance[].collectedfrom.
To avoid the assignment of wrong countries, the process only takes into account data sources that are institutional repositories or are included in a manually curated whitelist.
The manually curated whitelist allows us to include in the process National Aggregators or National Repositories.
The table below lists the data sources currently in the whitelist (for beta and/or prod)

OpenAIRE ID Name Country BETA/PROD
openaire____::3795d6478e30e2c9f787d427ff160944 Federated Research Data Repository Canada BETA and PROD
opendoar____::16e6a3326dd7d868cbc926602a61e4d0 Érudit Canada BETA and PROD
eurocrisdris::fe4903425d9040f680d8610d9079ea14 NARCIS The Netherlands BETA and PROD
openaire____::172bbccecf8fca44ab6a6653e84cb92a Armenian Open AIRE NOAD Armenia BETA
openaire____::149c6590f8a06b46314eed77bfca693f Canada Research Canada BETA
eurocrisdris::a6026877c1a174d60f81fd71f62df1c1 Pure VTT Finland Finland BETA
openaire____::4692342f0992d91f9e705c26959f09e0 VTT Research Information System Finland BETA
openaire____::8d529dbb05ec0284662b391789e8ae2a CeON Aggregator Poland BETA
openaire____::345c9d171ef3c5d706d08041d506428c Croatian Scientific Bibliography - CROSBI Croatia BETA
opendoar____::1c1d4df596d01da60385f0bb17a4a9e0 HRČAK Croatia BETA
opendoar____::7a614fd06c325499f1680b9896beedeb RECERCAT Spain BETA
opendoar____::1ee3dfcd8a0645a25a35977997223d22 Theseus Finland BETA
opendoar____::d296c101daa88a51f6ca8cfc1ac79b50 TDX Spain BETA
opendoar____::798ed7d4ee7138d49b8828958048130a Repositório Comum Portugal BETA
openaire____::c9d2209ecc4d45ba7b4ca7597acb88a2 NaRDuS - National Repository of Dissertations in Serbia Serbia BETA
eurocrisdris::c49e0fe4b9ba7b7fab717d1f0f0a674d METIS Research Information System The Netherlands BETA
eurocrisdris::9ae43d14471c4b33661fedda6f06b539 TUHH Open Research (TORE) Germany BETA
eurocrisdris::432ca599953ff50cd4eeffe22faf3e48 UnityFVG - Friuli Venezia Giulia Italy BETA

Last update of table: 03/02/2022

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