From 25/12/2019 to 23/01/2020


17:48 Revision 58022 (dnet45): [Trunk | Admin tools library service]:
1. Add field "alias" (now it will be: openaire/explore (to be decided), connect, community, monitor) ... Konstantina Galouni
17:05 Revision 58021 (dnet45): [Trunk | Admin tools library Service]: Initial commit of project - Common files & methods copied from admin tools service.
1. Entities: common entities are Community, Entity, Page, DivId, PageHelpContent, DivHelpContent (+ fullEntities), em... Konstantina Galouni
11:30 Revision 58020 (dnet45): uoa-search 3.5.8. Adding originalId parameter in public API. Related to #5187
Katerina Iatropoulou
11:21 Revision 58019 (dnet45): [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
Katerina Iatropoulou
11:21 Revision 58018 (dnet45): [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag uoa-search-3.5.8
Katerina Iatropoulou
11:21 Revision 58017 (dnet45): [maven-release-plugin] prepare release uoa-search-3.5.8
Katerina Iatropoulou
11:13 Revision 58016 (dnet45): Adding originalId parameter in public API. Related to #5187
Katerina Iatropoulou


13:04 Revision 58015 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Remove retina images
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
12:06 Revision 58014 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard|Trunk]
Fix app routing issues Argiro Kokogiannaki
12:01 Revision 58013 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
Jsonld: truncate description to 5000 - add '...' Argiro Kokogiannaki
11:57 Revision 58012 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: move fonts to theme-assets.
Konstantinos Triantafyllou


15:57 Revision 58011 (dnet45): minor fix for cris wizard
Andreas Mantas
15:18 Revision 58010 (dnet45): Creating "trunk" and "branches" folders.
Konstantina Galouni
15:04 Revision 58009 (dnet45): reduce steps for cris validations
Andreas Mantas
14:41 Revision 58008 (dnet45): Creating folder for uoa-admin-tools-library service (e.g. helptexts).
Konstantina Galouni
12:20 Revision 58007 (dnet40): [Connect| Elixir Branch]
update properties file Argiro Kokogiannaki
12:08 Revision 58006 (dnet40): [Connect|Elixir Branch]
Clean up branch
update externals to use Elixir library
Argiro Kokogiannaki
12:05 Revision 58005 (dnet40): Update Elixir branch with a new copy
Argiro Kokogiannaki
12:04 Revision 58004 (dnet40): Update Elixir branch with a new copy
Argiro Kokogiannaki
12:04 Revision 58003 (dnet40): [Connect| Elixir Branch]
Clean up elixir Branch Argiro Kokogiannaki
11:58 Revision 58002 (dnet40): [Connect| Elixir Branch]
Update branch with a new copy Argiro Kokogiannaki
11:47 Revision 58001 (dnet40): Update branch with a new copy
Argiro Kokogiannaki
11:47 Revision 58000 (dnet40): [Library|Branch]
Clean up elixir branch Argiro Kokogiannaki


19:37 Revision 57999 (dnet45): fixed routerLink for content events
Andreas Mantas
15:57 Revision 57998 (dnet40): Update branch with a new copy
Argiro Kokogiannaki
15:55 Revision 57997 (dnet40): Update branch with a new copy
Argiro Kokogiannaki
15:38 Revision 57996 (dnet45): added software field to events list
Andreas Mantas
15:33 Revision 57995 (dnet40): [Admin tool| Trunk]
lattest changes in customization
include upload/download options
Argiro Kokogiannaki
14:04 Revision 57994 (dnet45): handling of 403-forbidden errors moved to backend controller
(revision 57350 @ /uoa-repository-manager-service/trunk) Andreas Mantas
13:35 Revision 57993 (dnet45): fix to display RR1 usagestats-report-results button properly
Andreas Mantas
12:35 Revision 57992 (dnet45): removed getBrokerSummary email parameter and fixed dashboard display issues
Andreas Mantas


17:24 Revision 57991 (dnet45): 1. fix for repository-tiles
2. update for RepositorySnippet object Andreas Mantas
17:19 Revision 57990 (dnet45): 1. replaced Repository object with updated RepositorySnippet for getRepositoriesOfUsers uses (see ticket #5190)
2. cleared unnecessary 'user' parameters
(revision 57966 and 57968 @ /uoa-repository-manager-service/trunk)
Andreas Mantas
15:15 Revision 57989 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]:
1. showIdentifiers.component.ts: Rename "Related identifiers" to "Identifiers".
2. organization.component.html & orga...
Konstantina Galouni
14:14 Revision 57988 (dnet45): metrics-instructions updated
Andreas Mantas
12:43 Revision 57987 (dnet45): [Trunk | Monitor Service]:
1. In 'saveSection()' method add in path index where section will be stored in subcategory (p... Konstantina Galouni
12:05 Revision 57986 (dnet45): reverted merge from r57985
Antonis Lempesis
11:08 Revision 57985 (dnet45): merged r57351:r57972 from trunk to new-ui
Antonis Lempesis
10:36 Revision 57984 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Fix a css bug
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
10:32 Revision 57983 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Add section title and save button
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
10:11 Revision 57982 (dnet50): fixed links from pid
Sandro La Bruzzo


09:31 Revision 57981 (dnet45): initial changes to convert to monetdb model
Antonis Lempesis


20:49 Revision 57979 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Fix a bug on input component. Change dashboard user mini
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
20:48 Revision 57978 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Clarify css of login button. Add section title.
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
09:41 Revision 57977 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]: library.css: [Bug fix]: In class 'researchResultTypeNotSelected' there was a typo affecting connect portal (!important was considered a separate attribute).
Konstantina Galouni
09:05 Revision 57976 (dnet50): changed log level
Sandro La Bruzzo
08:40 Revision 57975 (dnet50): added identifier to the scholix object
Sandro La Bruzzo
08:40 Revision 57974 (dnet50): added identifier to the scholix object
Sandro La Bruzzo
08:22 Revision 57973 (dnet50): bug fixing
Sandro La Bruzzo


17:12 Revision 57972 (dnet45): Clearing unnecessary 'user' params
(revision 57966 and 57968 @ /uoa-repository-manager-service/trunk) Andreas Mantas
12:27 Revision 57971 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]: organization.component & resultLanding.component: Text bug: "Original sources" renamed to "Original versions".
Konstantina Galouni


16:49 Revision 57970 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Add toggle methods on stakeholders. Add section title but it does not work.
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
15:20 Revision 57969 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Close dropdowns on selection click. Fix filters on indicators.
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
15:04 Revision 57968 (dnet45): Bug fix for CRIS reSubmition
Ioannis Diplas
14:31 Revision 57967 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard|Trunk]
Update method StakeholderCreator.updateECProfile with proper values
update method that creat...
Argiro Kokogiannaki
13:56 Revision 57966 (dnet45): Clearing unnecessary "user" variables
Ioannis Diplas
12:32 Revision 57965 (dnet40): [monitor dashboard]
Update parameters names: use 'index_id', 'index_name', 'index_shortName'
change the way they are repla...
Argiro Kokogiannaki
11:48 Revision 57964 (dnet45): [Trunk | Monitor Service]:
1. Section entity level added. Hierarchy changed from: Stakeholder > Topic > Category > SubCategory > Indicator to: S... Konstantina Galouni
09:38 Revision 57963 (dnet50): update index configuration
Sandro La Bruzzo


15:33 Revision 57962 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
Dashboard Sidebar: add badge Argiro Kokogiannaki
15:31 Revision 57961 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard|Trunk]
App routing: remove admin menu when not needed
add '*pages*' route
App component:
set navbar in the middle
add ...
Argiro Kokogiannaki
14:15 Revision 57960 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Change functions for default profile
Konstantinos Triantafyllou


12:00 Revision 57959 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Change default -> dedaultId. Add section on stakeholder model. Change reorderto be suitable for sections. Create types for stakeholder fixed values.
Konstantinos Triantafyllou


11:34 Revision 57958 (dnet45): changed transformation to insert the project acronym when the project title is not present
Miriam Baglioni


14:26 Revision 57957 (dnet40): [Monitor Dashboard | Trunk]: Fix a bug with hide-controls animation
Konstantinos Triantafyllou

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