This tool is intended for members of the D-Net project.

If you have problems logging in, please go to and follow the instructions.

Anonymous access is allowed from:

Information for Developers

Subversion repository:

Software modules are defined under the path:

Web applications (web containers) should be committed here:

Build tools and maven plugins are defined here:

Private temporary stuff:

Continuous integration (Jenkins)

Artifact repository (Nexus)
IMPORTANT: the Nexus artifact repository changed on November 2020.
Instead of
Please use https://{maven,nexus}

The D-Net modules versioned in the dnet45 svn folder are Java 8 compliant and can be built with Maven3

Developers are strongly invited to read carefully this section: Developers' Best Practices

Hadoop Cluster RoadMap

D-Net development

Creating a D-Net Workflow

The OpenAIRE project

Please select "OpenAIRE" on the top-right of this page or click here for a direct link to the wiki dedicated to OpenAIRE

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