From 22/04/2021 to 21/05/2021


23:40 Revision 61035 (dnet45): setting metadataPrefix for FAIR guidelines
Antonis Lempesis
12:10 Revision 61034 (dnet40): [Admin |Trunk ]
- reinstall library
- Update properties: correct https for indexInfoAPI
-Customization: fix reseting the preview url ...
Argiro Kokogiannaki
10:16 Revision 61033 (dnet45): Ignore test that uses remote sources
Alessia Bardi
10:14 Revision 61032 (dnet45): Removed out-of-scope test
Alessia Bardi
10:04 Revision 61031 (dnet45): REST plugin accepts optional Request Headers parameters as json map, e.g. {Accept:application/json}. This is useful to support PostgREST endpoints: they need a param in the header to return proper json. request headers must also be exploited for the pagination (not implemented in this commit). More details on PostgREST at
This commit also include minor refactoring Alessia Bardi


16:11 Revision 61030 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]: resultLanding.component.html: Added "uk-animation-fade" in enermaps details.
Konstantina Galouni
12:24 Revision 61029 (dnet45): Do not prepend PIC to the PIC number, as requested by the EC DG staff member
Alessia Bardi


15:07 Revision 61028 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]:
1. indexInfo.service.ts: Added method "getLastOrcidUpdateDate()" to get all dates and parse "orcid_update_date".
2. m...
Konstantina Galouni
13:40 Revision 61027 (dnet40): [Admin | Trunk]: Merge from NewUI branch
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
13:29 Revision 61026 (dnet40): [Admin-tool|New UI]
- remove check for development
- add background component
- initial implementation for upload backgro...
Argiro Kokogiannaki
13:24 Revision 61025 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
- add new fields for Customization options
- DOI regex fix 10. rule
Argiro Kokogiannaki
13:17 Revision 61024 (dnet40): [Connect|Trunk]
- SEO: initialize prev/next rel links
- use layout service (remove check for development)
- fix issue with private co...
Argiro Kokogiannaki
13:11 Revision 61023 (dnet45): [Trunk | Claims Service]:
1. Updated "" and " Konstantina Galouni
11:36 Revision 61022 (dnet40): [Trunk | Connect]:
1. src/app/community/community.component.html: Added informative meta text inside <search-tab> for Feautured Datasets... Konstantina Galouni
11:36 Revision 61021 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]:
1. src/app/openaireLibrary/orcid/orcid-work.component.ts: [Bug fix] On ngOnInit() method, call getPutCode, only if(!t... Konstantina Galouni
09:42 Revision 61020 (dnet40): [Explore|Trunk]
- Remove qf=true from home page and menu items --> use resultbestaccessright="Open%2520Access" instead
- initialize ...
Argiro Kokogiannaki
09:39 Revision 61019 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
SEO changes:
- ignore quick filter in search pages. don't add qf=true, the filter is NOT applied by default.
- add pa...
Argiro Kokogiannaki


16:00 Revision 61018 (dnet45): No start nodes: they are executed one after the other
Alessia Bardi
15:29 Revision 61017 (dnet45): correct replace str in json
Andreas Czerniak
14:48 Revision 61016 (dnet45): refine json to xml element-names
Andreas Czerniak
14:44 Revision 61015 (dnet45): refine json to xml element-names
Andreas Czerniak
14:43 Revision 61014 (dnet45): refine json to xml element-names
Andreas Czerniak
12:14 Revision 61013 (dnet40): [Admin | New-UI]: Beta properties fix logout property
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
09:29 Revision 61012 (dnet40): [Connect|Trunk]
-completing commit 61006 + clean up code
fixing issues with private/ hidden communities
show modal for verification ...
Argiro Kokogiannaki


17:32 Revision 61011 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
Update email composer text for invite community managers
Error page: add page attribute as input
Argiro Kokogiannaki
17:01 Revision 61010 (dnet45): refining of request url creation and increase version number
Andreas Czerniak
16:37 Revision 61009 (dnet45): queryParams could be emtpy
Andreas Czerniak
13:30 Revision 61008 (dnet40): [Admin | New-UI]: Add messages for disable invite button for managers and subsribers base on community's status
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
13:28 Revision 61007 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Add invite disable message on role-users and subscribers invite button
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
12:10 Revision 61006 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
Connect helper: add function isPrivate Argiro Kokogiannaki
01:52 Revision 61005 (dnet45): adapted mooore queries
Antonis Lempesis


17:54 Revision 61004 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
-revert change filtering recent results with values <= current year Argiro Kokogiannaki
17:48 Revision 61003 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]:
1. result-preview.ts: In Project interface, added optional boolean field "validated" (parsed in landing pages to show... Konstantina Galouni
17:21 Revision 61002 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
- Remove inline argument for parsed contexts, projects, remove unused code with <mark> tag Argiro Kokogiannaki
12:02 Revision 61001 (dnet40): [Library |Trunk]
Search page: fix prefix initialization Argiro Kokogiannaki
11:51 Revision 61000 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
Result landing: SEO fix: improve spam filter for authors (names that include 'nn') Argiro Kokogiannaki
09:21 Revision 60999 (dnet45): [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
Claudio Atzori
09:21 Revision 60998 (dnet45): [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag dnet-openaireplus-workflows-7.1.12
Claudio Atzori
09:21 Revision 60997 (dnet45): [maven-release-plugin] prepare release dnet-openaireplus-workflows-7.1.12
Claudio Atzori


18:47 Revision 60996 (dnet45): Updated info workflow to also set the last update date of the sources of DOIBoost
Alessia Bardi
18:30 Revision 60995 (dnet45): Workflows that import data by-passing the aggregation system
Alessia Bardi
17:00 Revision 60994 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]: dataProvider.service.ts & searchDataproviders.service.ts:
[Bug fix] #6678 ticket - In order to get "organizations related to a datasource" (at most one), parse Konstantina Galouni
16:33 Revision 60993 (dnet45): param encoding in mdstore creation request
Claudio Atzori
16:22 Revision 60992 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]:
1. newSearchPage.component.html: In search pages show warning message when there is an error (e.g. timeout) getting r... Konstantina Galouni
11:29 Revision 60991 (dnet45): lookup the repository profile id in the workflow env using 'dataprovider:id'
Claudio Atzori
11:13 Revision 60990 (dnet45): more logging
Claudio Atzori
10:20 Revision 60989 (dnet45): more logging, bumped version
Claudio Atzori
09:56 Revision 60988 (dnet45): using openaire datasource id instead of the repository profile identifier in the hadoop-based aggregation workflows
Claudio Atzori
09:31 Revision 60987 (dnet40): [Connect|Trunk]
- initiate robots metatag
- reset robots in every route change
- set time out to 5000
- search research co...
Argiro Kokogiannaki
09:18 Revision 60986 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
Search page:
fix for undefined properties
add page prefix as an input() attribute (for connect)
Argiro Kokogiannaki


11:26 Revision 60985 (dnet40): [Trunk | Connect]:
1. invite.component.ts: [Bug fix] Set meta (canonical url, url, title, description) only when "longView == true" (whe... Konstantina Galouni
11:14 Revision 60984 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]:
1. newSearchPage.component.ts: [Bug fix] Initialize properties (Envproperties) in field definition, not in ngOnInit m... Konstantina Galouni


20:10 Revision 60983 (dnet40): [Trunk | Connect]:
1. community.module.ts: Imported "SafeHtmlPipeModule".
2. community.component.html: Show description of community as ...
Konstantina Galouni
19:56 Revision 60982 (dnet40): [Trunk | Library]: class-help-content-form.component.html & page-help-content-form.component.html & subscriber-invite.component.ts: Updated config --> removeButtons for <ckeditor> (show less buttons).
Konstantina Galouni
19:51 Revision 60981 (dnet40): [new-UI | Admin]:
1. edit-community.module.ts: Imported "CKEditorModule".
2. edit-community.component.ts: Replaced input of description...
Konstantina Galouni


15:03 Revision 60980 (dnet40): [new-UI | Admin]: remove-projects.component.html: [Bug fix] Added a space before the opening parenthesis "(" when there is a name and an acronym for a project.
Konstantina Galouni
14:52 Revision 60979 (dnet45): changed the collectedfrom as the id of the datasource for the funder. Added the insertion of the datasources in the database
Miriam Baglioni
14:51 Revision 60978 (dnet45): changed the collectedfrom to the one of the datasource of the funder instead of openaire (to have the collectedfrom as the id of the openaire datasource made the projects to be associated to openaire)
Miriam Baglioni
13:43 Revision 60977 (dnet40): [new-UI | Admin]:
1. remove-projects.component.html: [Bug fix] When there is no openaireId or no (grantId and funder), show name of pro... Konstantina Galouni


17:54 Revision 60976 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]
Search pages:
updating canonical url with filters
update title with filter values
Argiro Kokogiannaki
17:32 Revision 60975 (dnet40): [Explore|Trunk]
setting time out to 3s Argiro Kokogiannaki
17:03 Revision 60974 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Fix some errors on server from numbers component
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
16:42 Revision 60973 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Print timeout error request on error interceptor
Konstantinos Triantafyllou


15:57 Revision 60972 (dnet45): allow to set untilDateOverride in hadoop-specific collection workflows
Claudio Atzori
15:53 Revision 60971 (dnet45): allow to set untilDateOverride
Claudio Atzori
11:42 Revision 60970 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
Checks for PIDs:
- Landing page, ORCID page: add looser rule for pids (if not valid set it is a doi)
- String util...
Argiro Kokogiannaki


18:27 Revision 60969 (dnet40): [Connect | Trunk]: Add subscriber invite module from library
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
18:25 Revision 60968 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Fix server errors. Input add validators for chips. Subscriber-invite: Change To field to chips, add short view
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
14:49 Revision 60967 (dnet45): Fixed xpath that led to wrong PIDs to organisations. Re-introduced FIXORGS transformation, as in the end it is more useful than thought
Alessia Bardi
14:48 Revision 60966 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Portal link important color
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
10:47 Revision 60965 (dnet40): [Library|Trunk]
css: portal button exclude uk-disabled Argiro Kokogiannaki
10:43 Revision 60964 (dnet40): [Connect|Trunk]
customization css: portal-button colors exclude uk-disabled
add piwik ids for new communities
add GSC verification code
Argiro Kokogiannaki


20:22 Revision 60963 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Fix some variables missing on css
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
20:18 Revision 60962 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Move global variables to library
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
20:17 Revision 60961 (dnet40): [Dashbpard | Theme]: Move global variables to library
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
12:05 Revision 60960 (dnet45): [Trunk | Monitor Service]:
1. [NEW] Controller added and
a. "hello()" method (@RequestMapping(...
Konstantina Galouni
11:55 Revision 60959 (dnet45): [Trunk | Orcid Service]:
1. [NEW] Controller added and
a. "hello()" method (@RequestMapping(value = ...
Konstantina Galouni
11:13 Revision 60958 (dnet45): [Trunk | Notification Service]:
NotificationServiceCheckDeployController: [NEW] Controller added and
a. "hello()" method (@RequestMapping(value = {...
Konstantina Galouni
11:12 Revision 60957 (dnet45): [Trunk | Authorization Library]:
1. Added folder /controllers.
2. [NEW] Controller added and
a. "hel...
Konstantina Galouni
11:09 Revision 60956 (dnet45): [Trunk | Admin Tools Library]:
a. In "hello()" method added @RequestMapping (except for existing "...
Konstantina Galouni
11:07 Revision 60955 (dnet45): [Trunk | Admin Tools]:
a. In "hello()" method added @RequestMapping (except for existing ""), "/h...
Konstantina Galouni
10:41 Revision 60954 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Input component fix condition on filter
Konstantinos Triantafyllou
09:55 Revision 60953 (dnet40): [Library | Trunk]: Input component if it is checkbox set false value on null
Konstantinos Triantafyllou

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