Core entity: Person

A Person is here intended as the (metadata) description/representation of a person involved in the scholarly communication chain, such as scientific publications' authors, contributors, data scientists and project coordinators.

Property Type Multiplicity Description
First name Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Second name [1] Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Full name Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Fax Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Email Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Phone Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Nationality Structured(-, Qualifier, -) 0..1 Nationality of the person. Qualifier.scheme is dnet:countries and its classes the standard ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes
PID Structured(String,Qualifier,Provenance) 0..N unique and persistent identifier used to identify the person together with the relative identification agency. The identification agency is expressed in the Qualifier part. Qualifier.scheme is dnet:pid_types
Relationship Target Multiplicity Description
CollectedFrom Datasource 1..N A Datasource from which this Person has been collected (e.g. an aggregator of institutional repositories, an entity registry)
Person_Project Project 0..N The Project this Person is somehow involved
Person_Result Result 0..N Result related (e.g. authored by) to this Person
Person_Person Person 0..N Link to other Person entities (e.g. co-authors)

[1] Second name should ne renamed to "Family name"