OpenAIRE Data Model Specification

Authors: Claudio Atzori, Alessia Bardi, Paolo Manghi

This wiki document will introduce the OpenAIRE data model at different levels of interpretation. The data model describes the structure and semantics of the graph of objects populated by the OpenAIRE infrastructure as today visible from the OpenAIRE portal. The infrastructure builds this graph over time thanks to the integration of:
  • An aggregation system
  • An information inference system
  • A de-duplication system
  • A data publishing system

This document will present:

  • An overview of how the OpenAIRE infrastructure subsystems interact: understanding their local requirements is important to understand features of the data model;
  • The Core Data Model entities and relationships as required today by OpenAIRE end-users: researchers, project coordinators, officers of funders, the general public.

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