Task 8.1 OpenAIRE data model

Leader: CNR. Participants: All technical partners.


  • Exchange requirements with technical partners (and OpenAIRE guidelines management team) involved into parallel technical activities in order to identify and agree on changes to the data model;
  • Change the data model accordingly;
  • Notify all tasks leaders of changes to the data model that may impact on their activity.

Task Timeline (Including Deliverables & Milestones)

  • The data model will be updated with three official releases at M4, M18, M30 to reflect the changes required by the new services and end-user requirements;
  • In general, however, since month 4 this document will be real-time changed in order to meet the technical partner needs to find an up-to-date description of the data model and schema.

Areas of priority (where to concentrate first)


  • Discussions relative to the data model can be found on the OpenAIRE redmine instance.

Forseen Integration with other Work Packages and Tasks

  • All tasks need to interact with this task in order to set changes to the data model and to be notified of changes that may impact on their development.

Communication Strategy: when and how to raise awareness among consortium of updates in task

  • Changes to the data model may impact on our end-users and third-party services (http://api.openaire.eu). When this is the case, such actors need to be informed via OpenAIRE networking communication channels, and the new schema be published.