Task 9.1 OpenAIRE portal and services

Leader:, ARC Participants:-

The OpenAIRE portal will be enriched with a number of services that will:

  1. allow better utilization of the underlying (harvested, cleaned, inferred, interlinked) information space.
  2. enhance the existing multi-faceted and dynamic access (search and browse) to support queries on the new extensions of the
    data model (software, publisher/ journal info, metrics) and the new knowledge inferred from IIS.
  3. improve the depositing and claiming processes with links to new infrastructures (e.g., PSI) and registries.
    provide recommendations based on similar documents and usage data.
  4. integrate authentication and authorization mechanisms to serve the end user researchers (ORCID,LinkedIn) and link to the European AAI infrastructure (EduGain).
  5. consolidate and enhance the end user alert and notification services to adapt on specific H2020 programmes and needs.
    #create personal spaces with the “MyProjects” functionality.

Task Timeline (Including Deliverables & Milestones)

  • D9.1 OpenAIRE portal services - Month 9
  • MS25 OpenAIRE portal services I - Month 12 (Public release M14)
  • MS26 OpenAIRE portal services II - Month 24 (Public release M26)
  • MS27 OpenAIRE portal services III - Month 36 (Public release M38)

Areas of priority (where to concentrate first)

  • Upgrade joomla version: Because of security reasons and lack of support of joomla 2.5 from the joomla community, it is necessary to migrate to joomla 3 ASAP.This requires a great effort and during this procedure every joomla development/enhancement cannot take place.
  • Investigation for authentication and authorization services.
  • Claim enhancement to support both keyword and id search for third party metadata providers.

Foreseen Integration with other Work Packages and Tasks

Communication Strategy: when and how to raise awareness among consortium of updates in task