Type: Provenance

Provenance information is always associated to either a property value (e.g. subject property of a publication) or an object (e.g. a publication).

Property Type Multiplicity Description
Inferred Boolean 1..1 TRUE if value is inferred, which includes generated by de-duplication process
DeletedByInference Boolean 1..1 TRUE if value is logically deleted by a process
Trust Float(0,1) 1..1 Represents level of trust of the agent that generated value/object
Inference provenance String 0..1 Free text specifying information about the agent that generated the value/object, e.g. algorithm name and version
ProvenanceAction Qualifier 1..1 terms of this qualifier are to be taken from the following set [1]

[1] Provenance actions in OpenAIRE (currently not thoroughly applied across infrastructure services, needs rethinking and common agreement):

sys:crosswalk:{data source typology}
sys:iis:{algorithm name}
sys:deduplication:{algorithm configuration}

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