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  branches 54642 over 5 years Konstantinos Triantafyllou [CanLoadTest]: Initiative commit
  trunk 57555 over 4 years Konstantinos Triantafyllou [MonitorDashboard]: Make custom css for sidebar...

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57555 08/11/2019 04:47 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[MonitorDashboard]: Make custom css for sidebar width and header height. Add indicators on page. Remove global save. Add indicator filters

57550 08/11/2019 02:05 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki

update default profile with more number indicators
monitor.component: get stakeholder from subject

57543 07/11/2019 05:53 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki


add class StakeholderCreator
create default profile based on spreadsheet
create profile as a copy of the default

57514 05/11/2019 03:59 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Monitor Dashboard]: Add Topic page

57506 04/11/2019 12:50 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Monitor Dashboard]: Add topic page

57504 04/11/2019 11:13 AM Argiro Kokogiannaki

Update model with parameters, filters & jsonObject

57496 01/11/2019 07:30 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Monitor_dashboard]:Initialize monitor admin. Home page has been created.

57482 31/10/2019 09:30 AM Argiro Kokogiannaki


-make header full
-add stakeholder name in the header

57481 30/10/2019 04:26 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Monitor Dashboard]: Fix satinizer of iframe

57473 30/10/2019 10:38 AM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Monitor Dashboard]: Change uk-width to uikit version

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