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Revision 58574

[Trunk | Connect]:
1. app-routing.module.ts: Add route '/subjects'.
2. app.component.ts: Group subscribe and invite buttons under id="subscribeAndInviteBtn" (keep distance between them alwayes the same) | uncomment menu item 'Subjects' in About.
3. app.module.ts: import 'SubscribeService' (singleton service to update everywhere subscriber status).
4. libUser.module.ts & subscribe.module.ts: remove import of 'SubscribeService' (singleton service to update everywhere subscriber status).
5. community.component.html:
a. Improve some checks
b. In main tabs of the page (class main-tabs) add class 'uk-text-truncate' and remove class 'uk-width-3-4' (each tab has max-width)
c. Add icon in 'Analytics' tab
d. [Bug fix] In description, fix overflow and max height of box
6. community.component.ts: Add field '@ViewChild(SubscribeComponent) subscribeComponent: SubscribeComponent' to add some checks in html.
7. curators.component.html: Remove div with class 'image-front-topbar' | Update css for title | Add <breadcrumbs> | Add user icon for each curator.
8. curators.component.ts: Initialize breadcrumb | [Bug fix] In methods 'getPageContents()' and 'getDivContents()' use communityId (instead of 'connect').
9. curators.module.ts & organizationsPage.module.ts & inviteBasic.module.ts: import 'BreadcrumbsModule'.
10. organizationsPage.component.ts: Update css for title | Add <breadcrumbs> | Initialize breadcrumb.
11. subjects.component.ts, subjects.module.ts, subjects-routing.module.ts: Add page for Subjects.
12. invite.component.html: Add <breadcrumbs> in longView | Add icon in button 'Invite users'.
13. invite.component.ts: Initialize breadcrumb.
14. subscribe.component.ts:
a. Add icon in button "Subscribe"/ "Subscribed"
b. Add class 'uk-display-inline-block' in showNumbers (members)
c. Initialize and get subscriber status with new methods of service (initIsSubscribedToCommunity() & isSubscribed - BehaviorSubject instead of isSubscribedToCommunity())
15. connect-custom.css: Group css for #subscribeBtn, #inviteBtn into #subscribeAndInviteBtn | Add css for class 'user-circle-background' (background of user icon in curators).

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