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60784 02/04/2021 11:18 AM Argiro Kokogiannaki


Enermaps Integration:
- add property for enermaps url
- use proper id for the images

-Set properly the redirect url (status manager)

60772 01/04/2021 04:25 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Connect | Trunk]: Delete properties resolver. Delete query param community id

60745 29/03/2021 04:05 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki

[Connect |Trunk]

-Routing module: remove properties resolver
-App component:
- check for manager and hidden status of community.
- show private data error page
- or login for status manager
- if community is not loaded show connect menu
Connect menu:...

60731 26/03/2021 04:54 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki

fix issues with search content providers/projects
clean up piwikHelper file

60689 22/03/2021 04:52 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Connect | Trunk]: App navigate to error remove params

60655 17/03/2021 10:58 AM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Connect | Trunk]: Add fixRedirectUrl on service

60613 10/03/2021 11:47 AM Argiro Kokogiannaki


- add the extra tab for enermaps featured datasets
- visible in dev

60606 08/03/2021 04:40 PM Argiro Kokogiannaki


remove datatables
update search pages for projects/ data providers:
use search page component
remove tablesearch view

Search Communities: remove graph info (add the new variable)

60583 04/03/2021 02:55 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Connect | Trunk]: Affiliations fix urlPrefix

60582 04/03/2021 02:46 PM Konstantinos Triantafyllou

[Connect | Trunk]: Add urlPrefix on affiliations, curators and community logo

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