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  dnet-basic-aggregator 45222 over 6 years Claudio Atzori cleanup
  dnet-container-openaireplus 52585 over 5 years Claudio Atzori depending on dnet-openaireplus-mapping-utils:6....
  dnet-container-provision 52799 about 5 years Alessia Bardi write log under logs/provision

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52799 23/07/2018 04:22 PM Alessia Bardi

write log under logs/provision

52798 23/07/2018 04:16 PM Alessia Bardi

added dep to direct indexing api

52585 27/06/2018 11:46 AM Claudio Atzori

depending on dnet-openaireplus-mapping-utils:6.2.5-solr7-SNAPSHOT

52561 18/06/2018 07:00 PM Alessia Bardi

using the correct version of mapreduce-jobs and, thereofre, mapping-utils

52266 29/05/2018 10:07 AM Claudio Atzori

added dependency to dnet-direct-indexing-api

52265 29/05/2018 09:42 AM Claudio Atzori

removed openaireLayoutToRecordStylesheet.xsl, it has been moved in dnet-openaireplus-mapping-utils so that it can be shared among openaire workflows and the rest controller for direct index feeding

52141 22/05/2018 03:20 PM Alessia Bardi

Closed range for map-reduce because we do not want to include the versions for beta, which exclude the newest solr 7 libraries

52137 22/05/2018 12:23 PM Alessia Bardi

pom indentation

52090 18/05/2018 10:11 AM Alessia Bardi

commented dependency to dnet-directindex-api

52008 11/05/2018 04:23 PM Michele Artini

a required xslt for direct-index-api

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