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  dnetlib 53096 over 5 years Alessia Bardi mapping communities

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53096 12/09/2018 09:42 AM Alessia Bardi

mapping communities

53093 11/09/2018 07:24 PM Claudio Atzori

allow to configure datasource typologies to be considered in the propagation process

53090 11/09/2018 06:58 PM Claudio Atzori

use 100 reducers for the connectedComponentsJob

53064 11/09/2018 02:02 PM Miriam Baglioni

configuration for propagation of country for product belonging to institutional repositories

52978 22/08/2018 05:20 PM Alessia Bardi

support #3752: country field added to mdformat

52975 22/08/2018 02:57 PM Alessia Bardi

Node to set the funder acronym for transformation is not usable together with TDS and transformator service. The funder acronym must be cabled into the transformation rules. For Croatian projects we must create 2 distinct TDS.

52967 08/08/2018 06:53 PM Miriam Baglioni

fixes dms_organization colum name (countryclass -> country)

52966 08/08/2018 05:52 PM Miriam Baglioni

fixes dms_organization colum name (countryclass -> country)

52965 08/08/2018 12:42 PM Claudio Atzori

added entity-only mapping profiles used to load records for the deduplication process

52964 08/08/2018 12:41 PM Claudio Atzori

added job configuration profile to import crossref as actionset

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