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  eu 57838 about 4 years Michele De Bonis addition of the trust in the mapping of the dat...

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57838 09/12/2019 11:05 AM Michele De Bonis

addition of the trust in the mapping of the datainfo

57827 05/12/2019 05:32 PM Miriam Baglioni


57786 03/12/2019 10:05 AM Miriam Baglioni

code refactoring

57785 03/12/2019 10:04 AM Miriam Baglioni


57783 03/12/2019 09:49 AM Claudio Atzori

code formatting

57778 02/12/2019 03:18 PM Miriam Baglioni

fixed bug: mapper for organizations sent wrong information about the organization id. It was the id of the datasource that was emitted instead of the one of the organization

57774 02/12/2019 11:38 AM Alessia Bardi

Handling empty values for float fields like project totalcosts

57766 29/11/2019 12:49 PM Claudio Atzori

rehash the entire openaire id when building the root identifier to avoid clashes

57758 28/11/2019 08:12 PM Alessia Bardi

#4961: ensure we properly build XML records of projects and orgs with summary and budget information

57749 28/11/2019 03:29 PM Claudio Atzori

avoid NPEs mapping DOIBoost records

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