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Revision 59814

[Trunk | Monitor Service]:
1. New class connected to "AuthorizationService" and returns helper methods for roles and authorities.
2. & & & & &
a. Add authorization checks according to user roles (authorization library).
b. Handle new fields "createDate" and "updateDate" ( already had these fields).
c. [Bug fix] On save method, if it is default entity, add it before "onSaveDefault...()" or after "onUpdateDefault...()".
d. (not in SectionController) Comment methods for toggling status and access and add method for changing visibility.
e.g. "changeIndicatorVisibility()" (/{stakeholderId}/{topicId}/{categoryId}/{subcategoryId}/{sectionId}/{indicatorId}/change-visibility).
3. Method "getAllRealStakeholders()" (/stakeholder) returns now basic Stakeholder info (topicIds, not full entities).
a. [Bug fix] On "onUpdateDefaultIndicator()", "changed" is set to false for each indicatorBasedOnDefault.
b. On "onUpdateDefaultIndicator()" handle update policy for "description" and "additionalDescription".
c. [Bug fix] On "onUpdateDefaultIndicator()", bug fixes when updating "jsonPath".

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