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  branches 60932 9 months Antonis Lempesis fixed incorrect parameters and query name...
  trunk 60861 10 months Stefania Martziou Created extra commented out variables for the v...

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60932 21/04/2021 00:26 Antonis Lempesis

fixed incorrect parameters and query name...

60931 21/04/2021 00:21 Stefania Martziou

Fixed a missing ')' and changed the stats tool url for the production build

60930 20/04/2021 23:51 Antonis Lempesis

removed the new. prefix from the query names

60929 20/04/2021 23:51 Antonis Lempesis

branching to change the query names to the new format (sans new.)

60901 17/04/2021 00:28 Stefania Martziou

Finished adding gradient to the graphs and replacing the old with the new colors

60900 16/04/2021 22:41 Stefania Martziou

Initial changes

60899 16/04/2021 21:55 Stefania Martziou

Creating branch for the grouping of charts for the main entities by something

60898 16/04/2021 21:53 Stefania Martziou

Initial commit for gradient charts and color changes

60863 14/04/2021 19:23 Stefania Martziou

branching to play with gradients

60862 14/04/2021 19:23 Stefania Martziou

creating branches folder

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