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  branches about 8 years claudio.atzori
  releases over 9 years sandro.labruzzo
  tags 57752 over 3 years Alessia Bardi [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag dnet-opena...
  trunk 62542 6 months Alessia Bardi Updated context for IPERION gateways

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
62542 07/12/2022 14:02 Alessia Bardi

Updated context for IPERION gateways

62498 15/11/2022 14:40 Alessia Bardi

New context profile for Argo France

62477 23/10/2022 18:34 Alessia Bardi

Use the text value to set the cobjcategory, so we use Research Object and not the generic "Other ORP"

62476 23/10/2022 17:50 Alessia Bardi

ROHub: remove EOSC subject and add it as oaf:eoscifguidelines field

62475 21/10/2022 16:59 Alessia Bardi

Copied from the version on the beta aggregator

62466 19/10/2022 15:20 Alessia Bardi

SNSF mapping for pubs adapted to new format

62465 18/10/2022 16:45 Alessia Bardi

Old mapping for SNSF publications, soon to be updated to reflect the changes on SNSF side

62464 18/10/2022 12:44 Alessia Bardi

New and updated context for community/ri

62446 29/09/2022 14:04 Alessia Bardi

Fixed eosc_datasource_type

62445 29/09/2022 14:04 Alessia Bardi

DRIS transformation copied from prod

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