Linking entity: Result_Result

Property Type Multiplicity Description
Provenance Provenance 1..1
Qualifier Qualifier 1..1
Currently, only one Qualifier.Scheme is available for Result_Result relationship named "dnet:result_result_relations", whose values are:
  • hasAmongTopNSimilarDocuments: r1 hasAmongTopNSimilarDocuments r2 means that Results r1 and r2 are similar and that r2 isAmongTopNSimilarDocuments of r1;
  • isAmongTopNSimilarDocuments: r1 isAmongTopNSimilarDocuments r2 means that Results r1 and r2 are similar and that r2 hasAmongTopNSimilarDocuments of r1;
  • isRelatedTo: two results are somehow related to each other. OpenAIRE may further refine the semantics of possible types of "relatedness" by adding new classes in the Qualifier.scheme "dnet:result_result_relations";
  • isMergedIn: relationships with this Qualifier.class are generated by the de-duplication system. A Result r1 isMergedIn r2 means that r2 has been selected as representative record for a group of records that describe the same real-world object described by r1. In other words, if r1 isMergedIn r2 and r3 isMergedIn r2, then r1 and r3 are duplicates;
  • merges: inverse relationship of "isMergedIn".

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