Core entity: Datasource

A Datasource is here intended as the (metadata) description/representation of a provider exporting (meta)data about scholarly communication objects.
Based on the typology of the provider and of the exported material, a Datasource is classified according to the categorization defined by the vocabulary dnet:datasource_typologies vocabulary

Datasources can be collected from Datasources of type "Entity Registry".

Property Type Multiplicity Description
Type Structured(-, Qualifier, -) 0..1 Typology of the datasource. For an updated list of possible typologies refer to the Qualifier.scheme dnet:datasource_typologies
OpenAIRE compatibility Structured(-, Qualifier, -) 0..1 Compatibility of the datasource with respect to the OpenAIRE Guidelines. Qualifier.scheme is dnet:datasourceCompatibilityLevel
Official name Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
English name Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Web site url Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Logo url Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Email contact Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Namespace Prefix Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Latitude Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Longitude Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Date of validation Structured(Date,-,Provenance) 0..1
Descritpion Structured(String,-,Provenance) 0..1
Subject Structured(String,Qualifier,Provenance) 1..N the scientific discipline covered by the Datasource. The Qualifier part specifies the subject classification scheme the value belongs to. The list of supported subject classification schemes is defined in Qualifier.scheme dnet:subject_classification_typologies
Relationship Target Multiplicity Description
CollectedFrom Datasource 1..N A Datasource from which this Datasource has been collected (e.g. an entity registry such as OpenDOAR and re3data)
Datasource_Organization Organization 0..N The Organization related to this Datasource. For example, if the Datasource is an institutional repository, the institution served by the repository is the related Organization

The two major entity registries providing Datasources for Publication repositories and data repositories are, respectively, OpenDOAR and re3data. Datasources collected from those two entity registries feature more detailed information (see subclasses OpenDOAR Datasource and re3data Datasource).